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Next Public Schools Can Cripple Your Children's Ability To Read
For many adults, reading a book or newspaper seems effortless. Yet reading effortlessly comes from constant use of basic skills learned at an early age. Once children learn these basic skills, they can eventually read complex books like War and Peace.What are these skills? To read, one must recog. . .
Next Parents --- Your Children's Report Card May Be Rigged
Under the "No Child Left Behind Act," public schools whose students consistently fail standardized tests can be shut down. To protect their jobs, teachers and principals are now under intense pressure to cheat — to fudge test scores and report cards to fool parents and school administrators. Myro. . .
Next How Public Schools Assault Parents' Values
Is there anything wrong with lying, cheating, stealing, shop-lifting, taking drugs, premarital sex, insulting your parents, pornography, irresponsibility, or getting pregnant in junior high school? Not according to the values taught to children in many public schools today. From the earliest time. . .
Next Literacy And Your Child -- Your Child's Life Can Be Ruined If They Can't Read Well
It may seem obvious to many people why literacy is so important in our technologically advanced society. However, many parents may not fully realize the emotional pain and life-long damage illiteracy can cause their children. Literacy, the ability to read well, is the foundation of children’s edu. . .
Next Public Schools Can Waste 12 Years Of Your Child’s Life
For over fifty years, public-school officials and politicians have tried one education fad after another. They have all failed. Children should not be turned into victims and educational guinea pigs by public-school authorities. Here's why public schools can waste 12 years of your children’s live. . .
Next Pagan Religions Taught In Public Schools
In classrooms throughout the country, Judeo-Christian beliefs are often cast aside or ridiculed. Multiculturalism studies, environmental propaganda, and Save-the-Earth classes now indoctrinate children with New-Age religious beliefs, often without parents’ knowledge. Public schools sometimes try . . .
Next Busy, Working Parents --- 22 Ways To Homeschool Your Kids
If you’re a single parent or a married couple on a tight budget so that both parents have to work, you may worry about finding the time and energy to homeschool your children, but it can be done. It comes down to planning and scheduling your time. Most home-schooling parents teach their children . . .
Next Signs Of Teething Baby
If you are wondering if your baby is teething here are a few surefire signs that your little one is about to get his first set of choppers:·Increased fussiness.·Nighttime crying.·“Clingy" behavior.·Excessive dribbling (drooling).·Chewing on fingers, teething rings, and other objects.·Swollen, red. . .
Next Society in Deep Denial - Sexual Child Abuse
Are you shocked, sickened and dismayed by the Michael Jackson verdict? I am not shocked, but I am significantly sickened and dismayed that society is in denial about what constitutes sexual child abuse.The truth is, we cannot have empathy toward abused children until we can honestly acknowledge . . .
Next Babies: How to Get Your Children Excited About the New Arrival
The sudden appearance of a new baby can be rough on the other children in the family. Daily routines are disrupted and suddenly mom and dad are too busy to pay attention to older siblings. Worst of all, the new baby is the instant star of the family - the center of attention. The adorable baby . . .
Next Are Public Schools A Menace To Your Kids? -- 11 Danger Signals
Parents, do you have children who do poorly in school, or are bored or frustrated with their classes or teachers? In contrast to what most public-school officials will tell you, in most cases the problem lies with the schools, not with your children.It turns out that millions of children, includi. . .
Next Parents Rights Violated By Public School Compulsory Attendence Laws
Compulsory attendance laws are school authorities’ first assault on parental rights. These laws force almost forty-five million children to sit in often boring classes six to eight hours a day for twelve years. Compulsory attendance laws force parents to hand over their children to state employee. . .
Next Picky Eaters - The Dawn of Understanding
"In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn'tdanced on television." (Erma Bombeck, 1927-1996)Once upon a time not so very long ago, you probably envisionedthat your children would be good, healthy eaters while growingup. Naturally, they would like everything you placed beforethem o. . .
Next Which Potty Chair You Need For Potty Training?
Tool is a good word for the items you’ll need to pull this job off right! The first thing you should consider buying is a potty chair. You can let your child tag along for the ride. It’s important for your child to feel like the potty chair belongs to him. He’ll certainly feel that way if your ki. . .
Next Grandparents --- Homeschool Your Grandchildren And Feel Younger
Grandparents, what better way to stay close to your grown children than to advise them about important issues like the dangers of public schools for your grandchildren? What better way to feel younger if you offer to help homeschool your grandchildren?When your children grow up and get careers of. . .
Next Parents Demand Dumbed-down Tests
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is making the problem of cheating and low academic standards in public schools even worse. Under this Act, the Department of Education now requires students to pass standardized tests. Failing schools will lose federal funding and other perks if their students. . .
Next Invented Spelling --- Another Alice-in-Wonderland Public-School Theory
As part of the whole-language (or "balanced") reading-instruction philosophy, many public schools now teach what they call “invented” or “creative” spelling. Under this theory of spelling, teachers believe that forcing a child to spell a word correctly thwarts the child's "creativity." So in clas. . .
Next Parents' Complaints --- Arrogant Public Schools Turn A Deaf Ear
School authorities continually claim that they want more parent cooperation and participation in their children’s education. They complain when parents don’t show up for parent-teacher conferences or push their children to do their homework.Yet this constant cry for parent cooperation is often a . . .
Next America's Public Schools --- Deteriorating Like They Did In Ancient Rome
The citizens of the early Roman Republic enjoyed an education system similar to ancient Athens. It was voluntary and parents paid tutors or schools directly. There was very little government interference, so a vibrant education free market of tutors, schools, and apprenticeships developed.One asp. . .
Next Public Schools --- Why On Earth Do We Need Them?
From the time the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 until the 1850s, most parents taught their children to read at home or sent their children to small private or religious grammar schools. Education was voluntary and local governments did not force parents to send their children to state. . .

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