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Signs Of Teething Baby

By Nell Taliercio

If you are wondering if your baby is teething here are a few surefire signs that your little one is about to get his first set of choppers:

·Increased fussiness.
·Nighttime crying.
·“Clingy" behavior.
·Excessive dribbling (drooling).
·Chewing on fingers, teething rings, and other objects.
·Swollen, red, inflamed gums.
·Increased demand in breast or bottle-feeding.
·Rejection of breast or bottle because sucking hurts the gums.
·Poor appetite.
·Interrupted sleep.

To help soothe your baby's teething discomfort there are some things you might want to try:

·Gently massage the swollen gums with one of your fingers (be sure to wash your hands thoroughly).

·Take a clean, soft washcloth and soak it in apple juice. Wring it out, tie the cloth in a knot, and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes (it will not freeze hard like water does, rather, it will get very cold and nearly frozen). When frozen, give it to your baby, placing it first in his mouth, then his hands.

You will see almost immediate results. Your baby will love the apple juice and most doctors approve it for even very young infants. The combination of the cold and the texture of the washcloth will begin to ease your baby's pain right away.

·Give your child something cold to gnaw on like a Popsicle or a chilled teething ring (not a frozen one), or a frozen banana.

·Avoid using lotions or ointments that are supposed to reduce teething pain in a baby less than four months. They wash out of the baby's mouth within minutes. They may contain an agent that could numb the throat and cause the baby to choke.

For more suggestions contact your babies doctor.

About the author:
To find many more articles on parenting babies and toddlers and kids and teens head over to http://www.freeparentingtipsonline.comwhere you will find all you need to know about being a parent! Be sure to subscribe to the Mom Audiozine while there!

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