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Which Potty Chair You Need For Potty Training?

By Janice Caller

Tool is a good word for the items you’ll need to pull this job off right! The first thing you should consider buying is a potty chair. You can let your child tag along for the ride. It’s important for your child to feel like the potty chair belongs to him. He’ll certainly feel that way if your kid is like mine. Let him pick it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Types of Potty Chairs

Can you believe that there are two types of potties? I know. That is unfair, considering we only have one! The potty chair that resembles a little toilet is the most expensive. It costs anywhere from $20.00 to $30.00. It makes it easy for toddlers to sit down and get up. Plus, the lid gives your child good back support. It is a big favorite for a lot of parents.

Parents like it so much because the potty chair stands alone on a base. Some of these potties are decorated with dolls, trucks or bunnies. There are also some potty’s that play music. I like this type of potty because it is easy to use. You can also take it with you. Best of all, it has a lid so you can keep it closed on those good days.

The second type of potty-chair isn’t really a chair at all. I like to think of it as a potty cushion. It fits snug over a full size toilet. The seat cushion is like for a little behind. It is a great transition either before or after potty training. There’s no need for cleanup the hole is also smaller so you don’t have to worry about your little one falling in.

In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons of each types of portable potty.
The Stand Alone Potty

• Pros: Easy for toddler to use
• Cons: You have to dump

The Musical Potty
• Pros: Toddlers like the sounds
• Cons: You have to dump

The Potty Cushion
• Pros: You don’t have to dump
• Cons: Sits Up High on Toilet

If the potty cushion is your choice, then you’ll want to buy a step stool to go along with it. The stool helps toddlers climb on and off the toilet. Okay, so you have some idea of the kinds of potty chairs that are out there, just choose which the best is for your children.

About the author:
Janice Caller, author of "A Parent's Guide to Toddling, From Diapers to the Pot." She successfully potty trained her four children. Visit her Website PottyTrainingGuide.com at http://www.pottytrainingguide.com

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